Timber Options For Our Linear Pendants

Our timber lighting range is available in a variety of solid timbers. We primarily use Indonesian hardwoods sourced from Indonesian suppliers. Please contact us if you are after a particular timber or finish for your project.


Tectona Grandis

Teak is a tropical hardwood material used for centuries in building ships and decks, it’s known for durability and stability. Is one of the most valuable timbers, in ancient times, considered and categorized as “royal timber”.

Indonesian Mahogany

Swietenia macrophylla

Mahogany wood is one type of wood typical of the tropics. That is, this wood originated and exists only in areas that have a tropical climate for example is Indonesia. In Indonesia, mahogany is very popular, especially in many areas of Java, where it is known as high-value commercial timber so many people cultivate and trade in the domestic commodity market.

Indonesian Mindi

Melia azedarach

Mindi has a density similar to Red Oak. On the Janka scale, a scale that rates wood hardness and mass mindi ranks at 1,055, while red oak ranks at 1,060. The difference in hardness between the two is almost imperceptible. Mindi is naturally resistant to decay and fungus as is cedar. Fresh-cut or mindi sap wood appears close to poplar, as it’s yellowish with brown streaks. With exposure to light and closer to the heart wood, mindi grows darker in as in the colors found in teak or cherry. Its texture is coarse like oak, but it has tighter grain patterns than oak does.

Indonesian Bayur

Pterospermum javanicum

The species is native to Bhutan, Borneo, Cambodia, India, Java, Laos, Lesser Sunda Islands, Moluccas, Myanmar, New Guinea, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Thailand and Vietnam. It has a certain economic importance for the wood, commercially known and exported with the name of “bayur”, of good quality, average hardness and density, easy to work and to refine, utilized locally in the construction of the dwellings, for beams, floors, fixtures and coatings, of boats, bridges, furniture, art objects, in the veener (technique consisting in covering a low-quality wood with thin wood sheets) and in the fabrication of the plywood. 

Bayur was used by the Sasak community around Gunung Rinjani National Park West Lombok for various purposes, such as traditional medicines, beverages, rigging, and building material.

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