How do I choose the right LED color temperature for my room?

The colour temperature of light is referring to the warmth and coldness of light. Warmer light appears yellow, while cooler light is a white/blue colour.

For example, warm light at around 2700 to 3000k is ideal for your home. The almost yellow glow helps to create a warm, cosy, and friendly atmosphere for you and your family to relax in. However, this is not the optimal lighting choice for productivity. Warm light creates a lot of contrast, meaning your eyes must work to adapt, which becomes tiring. Therefore, for an office or other working environments, we recommend using cooler lighting between 3500 and 5500k.

Here’s a quick guide on our recommendations for choosing the colour temperature in different interiors.

Colour temperature is indicated in a unit called Kelvin (K).

A low colour temperature creates a warm and inviting lighting effect, while a high LED colour temperature creates a cool, more energising effect. Generally, intimate spaces like dining areas and living rooms lend themselves to warmer colour temperatures (2700K-3000K), while office spaces, kitchens and bathrooms are a bit cooler (3000K-4000K) to give the feeling of cleanliness and activity.

How do I choose the right LED Colour Temperature?

Our pendants are available in 2700K (Warm White), 3000K (Bright White) or 4000K (Cool White) and we can also offer bespoke colour temperatures on request. For a happy medium, we recommend 3000K, which tends to work well in most environments and is the most popular choice for our timber lighting pendants.

Dining Room

Suggested Colour Temperature: 2200-3000K
Warmer light can keep your appetite up and your dining room inviting. Keeping your dining room lighting on the brighter side will enable guests to see what they’re eating, but we recommend installing a dimmer to set the right mood for your dining space.


Suggested Colour Temperature: 2700-3000K
Bedrooms may very well be the most intimate space in your home. We recommend keeping the lights low and warm for a soothing mood that reduces anxiety and high energy.


Suggested Colour Temperature: 2700-5000K
Brighter lighting for a kitchen is ideal to cast enough light for food prep and maneuvering around your space. The LED colour temperature recommendation is wide open since kitchens can be so versatile. Let the colour palette in your space determine how warm or cool to make your lighting. Still can’t decide? A safe option would be our standard 3000K temperature, which casts a warm white light and looks great in any space.

Living Room or Lounge

Suggested Colour Temperature: 2200-3000K
Keep a living room or lounge dim and warm for a cozy and inviting mood, perfect for entertaining or relaxing after a long day.

Office or Workspace

Suggested LED Colour Temperature: 3000-5000K
To be productive, you’ll need some functional lighting. Keeping your lighting cooler and brighter can keep you alert and productive.


Suggested Colour Temperature: 3000-4000K
We recommend bathroom spaces to be cooler and brighter so they remain functional for your morning routine. A clean, fresh setting can be achieved through cooler light temperatures.

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